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Our history proves we always look to the future Sprintout has a rich heritage that began long before the Internet was even a dream. The company started out as Typesetting Services back in 1927 on Peck Street in Providence, Rhode Island. It was founded by Brendan K Brennan, my great grandfather. He formed the company to provide quality typesetting services, and to help clients manage their workflow and production challenges.

Now, after nearly a century, that’s still what we do today. We’ve transformed the company over and over, to remain in the forefront of each successive wave of new technology–from linotype machines and “hot type.” to photo composition, desktop publishing, web-based systems, plateless printing and printing on demand–to be the full-service Internet development company we are today.

We have mastered fast-changing technologies that demanded the almost continual reinvention of workflow and print production techniques, information management and the melding of print and on-line output from an ever-growing variety of sources. With the development of mobile and tablet devices Sprintout had to transform itself again. Now we make websites that are compatible with every type of device and apps that deliver specialized tools to meet the particular requirements of any company, big or small.

Since 1995, Sprintout has specialized in meeting all the demands of current information and communications technologies with Internet-based solutions that help our clients avoid the pitfalls and reap the benefits. Our rich history, our Internet expertise and our ability to remain nimble through wave after wave of transformative technological changes make us uniquely qualified to craft the comprehensive, effective and highly-intelligent information management systems and solutions our clients need to survive and thrive.

Ask yourself, how many modern technology companies have been in business nearly 100 years? Sprintout has will continue to be.