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E-learning, e-training, distance learning, online learning or something else. e-learning is a dynamic, powerful, multi-faceted tool for conveying information to all your audiences.

E-learning materials can be as simple as a two-minute product demo or brief sales training or as comprehensive as multi-part technical training that teaches intricate maintenance procedures or sophisticated concepts to service personnel.

E-learning materials multiply your message and broaden your reach. Post e-learning videos on your website and to your company channel on YouTube. You’ll get many more total views than you are ever likely to get on your website alone. Create a series of related videos on YouTube and you’ll score many thousands of views. Each view strengthens your company recognition and promotes a leadership position in your industry.

We have produced e-learning materials for a variety of internal and external client audiences for more than a decade. It’s another example of how Sprintout moves with the times to make the most of technology.