About Us

Who We Are

Sprintout has been a pioneer and innovator in on-line applications and web-based solutions to business marketing and communications challenges.

But this fourth generation business traces its roots in the graphic arts back to 1927, when owner Jay Higgins' great-grandfather founded Typesetting Services in an era of fine typesetting and traditional print production.

Later, under the direction of Jay's father, James Higgins, the company faced wholesale technological changes that dramatically altered the methods of graphic arts production.

The company responded quickly to these changes numerous times over the years, as wave after wave of new technology transformed the graphic arts landscape. Through photo typesetting, computer typesetting, desktop publishing and the emergence of the Internet, the company survived to give birth to Sprintout in 1995.

What We Offer

Being on the cutting edge of technology for some 50 years, Sprintout expanded its knowledge and capabilities in critical ways, from application development to network operations and information management in dynamic environments.

This, plus 75 years experience in graphic arts production, and twenty years as a Web development pioneer and Internet service provider, give Sprintout unique qualifications.

Sprintout is virtually unmatched in the knowledge, experience, insight and creativity necessary to deliver effective solutions to businesses that must transform their abilities to manage information and production to meet today's competitive demands.